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The San Ramon Bears are a non profit youth football and cheer organization for the San Ramon area.  Bears Football and Cheer has been serving the youth of the community for over 30 years.  Here at the Bears we are dedicated to providing a safe, fun, family friendly environment for all!  We take great pride in providing a program that teaches our youth the fundamentals of football and cheer, and provides them the opportunity and training to compete at thier highest level.


The most important part of what our youth gain from our program, are the intangible character traits that help them compete in thier sport, but most importantly, are the basis for having success in all aspects of thier lives.  Through coaching and the overall experiences of the program, our athletes learn how and what it means to be hard-working, respectful, humble, selfless and dedicated.  Athletes learn that they are capable and have so much potential as they surpass thier own pre-conceived and self-percieved limits. 


Our organization prides itself in having our "Game day Saturdays" be a true family event.  We aim to provide a true community event for all to come and enjoy every Saturday.  The Board of Directors have been working diligently to provide even more to make our game days at the field even more comfortable, and entertaining.


Our Bears Cheerleaders are a crucial part of Game Day Saturdays.  Every season our spirit squads do a stellar job of creating an amazing game day atmosphere. Our Cheer Coaches have years of experience leading our spirit squads  to success every season.  


When it comes to football, we are passionate about the game.  Our Football Coaches have decades of experience teaching youth football.  We take great care when teaching the game we love to the young athletes who are so eager to learn.  Teaching the basics and fundamentals of the game to give each athlete the opportunity to compete is crucial. Football is the ultimate team sport and it takes every player working to achieve a common goal.   We instill that teamwork and hard work foundation from day one. The foundation they learn while at the Bears prepares them to excel the next level of the sport.  We look forward every season to assisting the young athletes pursue victory at every step.  


We hope you consider being a part of our Bears Family whether its coming out for game days as a spectator and fan or a parent to watch your young athletes have the time of thier lives! Also consider joining the Bears as a Board Member, Coach or other volunteer.  We are all parents and community members and we are always looking for help and to improve our program!


If you have any questions please email us at SanRamonBears@yahoo.com