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Volunteer Guidelines:


·        For credit to be issued: you must sign in, stay, work your shift, and sign out. Failing to complete the task will result in losing those hours.

·        To sign up for any position, you need to log into your account, select the Volunteering Tab and sign up for the position that interests you.

You may not just show up and assume you will be able to work. They are first come first serve. If you are available and want to see if someone didn’t show up, you may check in with the Volunteer Coordinator.

·        Must be at least 18 years old to work any of the positions due to liability. On occasion we will allow students to assist. For Example: as a spotter in the press box under adult supervision.

·        12 hours are mandatory with 2 additional hours if awarded Jamboree or a Play-off game for a total of 14 hours.

·        Prorated hours do not count.

·        You can log into your account at any time to check your balance by clicking on the Volunteering Tab, selecting filter, and providing the date range in question.




Game Day Volunteer Positions and Descriptions:


Game Day Setup: (8) Volunteers assist in getting the field and Snack Bar ready to host. This includes putting out field markers and goal posts wraps. Additionally, loading up at the shed and unloading the vehicle at the snack bar of all items needed. Assisting in getting things ready in Snack Bar with the guidance of the Concession Director.


Gate Duty: (1) Volunteer will be stationed at the entry gate at the south endzone to collect entrance fees to the game as well as provide wristbands to all paid guests. Coaches who are badged will need to have a badge to enter without paying. (1) Board Member must always be present.


Locker Room Monitor: (1) Volunteer for this position will sit outside the locker room to ensure only badged coaches and athletes enter the locker room.


Field Monitor: (2) Volunteers will walk the field and track ensuring only badge coaches and Board Members (both home and away) are the only people on the field. If there are any guests who do not have the league issued badge, they need to be asked to leave.


Large Gate Monitor: (1) Volunteer for this position will stand outside the large gate nearest the Flagpole to ensure only league issued Badged individuals and athletes enter the field of play.


Chain Crew: (3) Volunteers for this position. Two of the volunteers will hold the primary signal poles, one known as the “rear rod” which marks the beginning of the current set of downs, the “forward rod” which marks the line to gain and the “box: that marks the current down and the line of scrimmage. Officiating crew will meet with each Chain Crew prior to the start of the game to discuss their expectations.


Snack Shack: (6) Volunteers that will prepare and serve guests food and drinks. There will be three in the back of the snack shack preparing hot foods and three will be at the order windows getting drinks, treats and taking cash. (1) Board Member must always be present.


Bears Wear: (2) Volunteers for this position will help guests with the purchasing of Bears merchandise. (1) Board Member must always be present.


Game Day Announcer: (1) Volunteer will work in the press box. As the Announcer, they will be calling out yardage gained, current down and plays made by both teams with the assistance of the Spotter.


Game Day Announcer Spotter: (1) Volunteer will work in the press box with the Announcer. They will serve as a sporter calling out the numbers of the playmakers with the provided binoculars.


Game Day Scoreboard Keeper: (1) Volunteer will manage the time clock throughout the game and pay close attention to the Lead Referee of when the clock needs to start and stop.


Game Day Clean Up: (8) Volunteers assist in cleaning the field and closing and cleaning up the Snack Bar. This includes putting away the field markers and goal posts wraps. Additionally, loading up at Snack Bar and unloading vehicle at shed of items used during the game. Assisting in cleaning up the Snack Bar with the guidance of the Concession Director. Lastly, walking the bleachers and sideline, cleaning up any garbage left behind.