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"The San Ramon Bears youth football program provides a pathway for young men to successfully transition to the high school level. The Bears program will properly condition the athlete and develop the necessary skills for the sport of football. The young men will leave this program with the knowledge of the basic rules, terminologies, and experience that will better them for their high school football career."
Eric Billeci, Varsity Head Coach, California High School
"Through my experience of being a Freshman Cheer Coach at California High School, I would strongly recommend participating in a program like the San Ramon Bears.  The Bears is a great way for the girls to learn the fundamentals of cheerleading and help them with improving their skills so they are more prepared for the High School level. When it comes time to try out to be a Cal High Cheerleader, I would say the girls that come from programs like the Bears have a higher advantage to keeping up with the demands, conditioning, technique and requirements of the California High School Program." 
Lexie Bowles, California High School Freshman Cheer Coach

“Growing up in the community, I started my football career playing for the Bears.  The San Ramon Bears do an excellent job teaching the fundamentals of the game and preparing their players for the skills and knowledge at the next level.  I encourage the youth of San Ramon to play for the Bears”.
Nick Tisa, Varsity Head Coach, Dougherty Valley High School