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Welcome to the 2023 season!

By San Ramon Bears, 09/01/23, 10:00AM PDT


Week 6 - Practice

As a reminder, conditioning as well as the first week of pads for football is mandatory. If you missed any part of week one or week two, please work with your coach to complete your 10 hours of conditioning and 10 hours of pads.

Hydration: It is extremely important for all athletes to hydrate throughout the day and into the week. Make sure they bring plenty of water to practice. We recommend not consuming large meals after 4:30pm on practice days.

Schedule – Week 5

All players should wait in the bleachers. We cannot take the field or track until the high school team has left the field. With school starting this week, we begin weekly challenges with site use and ask for understanding if there is a site location change at the last minute. 

Tuesday 8/22– CAL HIGH (6:30-8:30pm)

Wednesday 8/23 – TIFFANY ROBERTS PARK– Baker Way & Sherwood Way, San Ramon CA (7:00 pm-9:00pm) 

Thursday 8/24 – TIFFANY ROBERTS PARK – Baker Way & Sherwood Way, San Ramon CA (7:00 pm-9:00pm). Cal High has a freshman home game this night.

Hot August Night – This Thursday our Hot August Nights will be a beach theme we invite our families to join in and wear your favorite beach shirt or hat.  Our cheerleaders will be performing for our parents and our football players.  We will also be handing out pizza to all the Athletes at the end of practice.

Cheer Parents – we will be holding a postseason competitions informational session on Tuesday 8/22 to address questions prior to the opening of postseason registration.  Postseason Registration is open from 8/21-9/22.

There is NO drop off or parking inside the football field gates.  These spots are reserved for Cal High Coaches and San Ramon Bears Board members.  Please park in the parking lot next to the tennis courts and walk down the Fire lane.  If we see a parent park back on the gravel, we will ask you to move your car.

PARENTS – Parents/guests are not allowed to stand or hang out on the turf. If you choose to walk the track, this is fine but please do not stop or talk to players or coaches on the turf or the track. The coaches are there to do their job and cannot do so if there are interruptions. If you need to talk with your head coach, please send an email request to set a time to talk.

Thank you and please feel free to ask questions.

You will need to bring (if you didn’t turn in already)

Completed medical card/form.

Birth certificate/passport (ALL ATHLETES NEW OR RETURNING)

Signed Parent Code of Conduct

Signed Concussion Form

Volunteer deposit check ($400 football and cheer)

Deposit check for Football equipment - $200 & $75 (2 separate checks) football only

The first week of practice is mandatory conditioning. Athletes will not be able to move into pads until conditioning is completed. Please do your best to have players attend all 5 days.


Please make sure you have purchased your own mouthpiece (please purchase a backup as well) - this is a required piece of your child’s equipment in order to participate. No mouthpiece = no practice. You will also need to purchase cleats for the season. Per league rules no, 'screw on cleats' are allowed. Additionally you will need a football 5 pad girdle. This will not be needed until the second week of practice and will be required moving forward. Your players will wear their practice jersey, practice shorts, helmet (these were issued at Bears Day) and cleats the first 10 hours of practice. Please also make sure your player brings a large water jug with their name on it to every practice.


Practice Wear consists of shorts or leggings and a tee. Please wear Bears colors, orange, black or white. 

  • All practice wear should be Bears colors (orange, black and white) T-shirt, shorts/leggings or Spirit Night theme (if applicable). Practice gear will be handed out during the first week of practice.
  • Wear sturdy athletic/cheer shoes (NO sketchers, vans, converse, sandals, boots, etc.)White cheer shoes (with ties) will be required this year, but the shoe is your choice. 
    • We recommend the three following cheer shoes:
      • Adidas
      • Chasse
      • Kaepa
  • No spaghetti straps, make-up, nail polish or jewelry
  • No showing belly (no crop tops)
  • Hair in ponytail
  • Bring water to every practice
  • Bring a towel/or yoga mat to every practice – we practice on the track
  • Always bring a sweatshirt/sweats in case it gets cold towards the latter part of practice
  • Bring POMS to every practice (once given out)